So, where’s the snow?

One to three inches of anow. That’s what the talking heads who call themselves “meteorologists” said last night, sending out dire warnings to the populace.

“Winter storms warnings” blared across the TV screens and popped up on my phone.

But no snow greeted us when light came to Chateau Thompson this morning. No white stuff falling from the sky or coating the ground.

So what are they saying now?  This just in from Channel 7:

One last band of snow will move through later this morning and do little to add to the snowfall totals over the area. Amounts remain very light, with the majority falling north of the Roanoke Valley, through Botetourt, Rockbridge and Alleghany Highlands.

So, the “one last band” won’t do much to add to the “snowfall totals over the area.”

What snowfall totals?  Where’s the snow?

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  1. Doug, we live in the “Floyd Triangle”. Lots of storms, snow and rain, have mysteriously missed Floyd. I love it here!!!

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