Once again, we’re none of the above

Congressman Morgan Griffith on the stage of the Floyd Country Store
Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine campaigning in Floyd

Seems like every time a piece about a politician is posted on this web site, someone pops off and claims that an article that criticizes (INSERT NAME HERE) is proof that we support the other side.

If we point out deficiencies of a lackluster Congressman like Morgan Griffith, it sparks an email or comment that we must be one of them “damn liberal Democrats.”

On Tuesday, we poked fun at Vice President Joe Biden — who popped up in Floyd for a political drive-by — and that brought angry emails declaring us “right-wing nut jobs.”

So many uninformed, so little substance.

Anyone who takes time to conduct any real research can discover — without much effort — that this web site treats all politicians with equal disrespect.

A sticker on one of our motorcycle helmets reads:

I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a Republican. I’m an American.  There is a difference.

Too bad that so many with partisan political mush on their brains can’t understand that simple fact.

Congressman Morgan Griffith on the stage of the Floyd Country Store
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  1. Anyone with half a brain knows you treat all politicians the same. Local, State or Federal makes no difference. If we need our feet held to the fire you always have a match ready.

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