How many more miles to go before I sleep?

Rolled into Floyd on U.S. 221 South shortly before 4 p.m. Thursday when the odometer on my 2009 Harley-Davidson Super Glide crossed over the100,000-mile threshhold.

Yes, 100k on a motorcycle in 44 months.  That averages out to 2,227 miles a month.  When you factor in the six months in 2010-2011 that I was off the bike because of back problems, that means a real average of 2,632 miles a month or 87.7 miles a day or 614 miles a week.

How can someone rack up so many miles on two wheels while also working hours upon hours a week for a newspaper and — for much of the time — caring for a dying mother?

Simple. My bike, not my car, is my daily driver.  My 2000 Jeep Wrangler has fewer miles on it than my 2009 motorcycle.

Only extreme weather keeps me off the road. When my mother was still alive, I would ride it to and from Radford most days to visit her.   That trip alone accounted for much of the 87 average daily miles.  A trip to and from Roanoke is 80 miles.

Motorcycle riding is also good therapy and — as most people know — I need a lot of therapy.

Next week, the bike goes into the shop for its 100k service — a two day regimen that the dealer tells me is — in large part — a rebuild that entails replacement of many parts, including the drive belt, bearings, bushings and gaskets.

After that, it should be ready for another 100,000 miles.

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21 thoughts on “How many more miles to go before I sleep?”

  1. Many, many prayers for Doug’s speedy recovery. Many, many prayers for Amy as well. Great hope that all goes well.

  2. My heart and prayers to Doug for a speedy recovery & to Amy. I pray for her strength and to feel the love for both of them.

  3. Doug, you and Amy are in our prayers and thoughts since we heard about your accident. We know how much you love riding and pray that you’ll be back doing that again. I already miss looking at your blog and seeing new beautiful photographs of nature, so hurry and get well. David and Ramona

  4. Doug you are in our thoughts and prayers, if there is anything we can do to help just let us know. And we pray you get well soon. From all Station 1 fire members.

  5. We surely miss your commentary on both CHB and the Muse good buddy, so you best engage your zest for life towards a speedy recovery. That’s an order sailor! : )

    Your friend in thought…

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. Thinking of you, Doug. I know you’d be at DogTown tonight covering the fundraiser, camera in hand, but we look forward to seeing you out and about again. Be well soon.

  7. Hoping and praying that you are healing at an extraordinary rate! We miss you and hope Amy is holding up ok too.

  8. We visited Doug today and met his wonderful wife Amy. She is holding up so well and I hope everyone is keeping her in your prayers. ..she’s a jewel. Doug has gone from critical to serious and they were taking him off the respirator and hoping he could stay off it. He also opened his eyes a couple days ago according to Amy. Keep praying!!

    Cards can be sent to Doug at W. Douglas Thompson, ICU 969, Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, PO Box 13367, Roanoke, VA 24033. And I know Amy would love to know that we’re thinking of her too.

  9. Thanks for the comments it’s much appreciated to keep up on Doug’s condition any one knows any thing please post I’ll watch here for comments, Bob
    Amy you need anything just post and I’ll be there I’m praying every Day for his quick recovery the Lord can do more then any of us and I know he will.

  10. Last week when I called the hospital they would not tell me anything and would not even let me talk to the nurses station in ICU, but when I called the hospital today I was told that Doug is out of ICU and in room 983. I also left a message for Amy but did not hear back from her. Just knowing that he is out of ICU is wonderful news. Keep praying! 🙂

  11. Loretta: An article in the Floyd Press about two weeks ago said he had been moved to rehab at community hospital. The address is CRCH, Rm 729, 101 Elm Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24013.

  12. Loretta: There’s a great article in the Floyd Press today about Doug, but I don’t know if you’re local or not. I called the Press to see if they plan to put it on their website and they said it should be on there hopefully tomorrow. I’ll keep checking and if I find it, will post a link here, however, he’s hoping to get home by Christmas Eve. How wonderful is that!! 🙂 Blessings

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