At least 1,756 Floyd County electric customers still without power

122812poweroutagesAt one point Friday, spokesmen for Appalachian Power Company predicted they would have power restored to all electric customers in Floyd County by midnight last evening.

They didn’t make it, by a long shot.

At 7 a.m. today, the company was still trying to restore power to 1,756 customers and the “new” company prediction is that they will have all power restored by midnight today.

Just in time for a new round of winter storms that could start the whole process all over again.

At a time when power is restored to just about everyone else in the APCO service region, power remain to 19.1 percent of the residents of Floyd County, while the rest of the region totals 2,059.

It’s been that way for most of this current crises.  The vast majority of outages was, and continues to be, in Floyd.

A major question is: Why?

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