No resolutions, just promises for the new year

The sun rises.
The sun rises on a new year.
The sun rises on a new year.

No New Year’s resolution for 2013, just some promises for the New Year.

In the coming year, I will:

Learn to walk again as the right leg I broke in multiple places continues to heal;

Continue to recover from the brain damage suffered in the motorcycle accident on Nov. 9;

Find a way to repay the many acts of concern and kindness from Floyd County residents and other friends from outside the area;

Find a way to do a better job of sharing the love from my wife who took so much good care of me during my recovery from life-threatening injuries in the wreck;

Find ways to do more for Floyd County and its kind residents;

Remember that God gave me another chance to improve my life and I must work my ass off to not blow that chance;

And make the most of every day of life that I have left on this earth.

Happy New Year to everyone. The year 2013 is among us and it’s time to make the most of that year.

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