Winter blows back in with a frigid blast

122509iceWinter arrived back in the area with a vengeance overnight, with temperatures in the teens, wind chills near or below zero and a howling wind.

Call it the latest twist in a strange and volatile winters season that has brought snow and sharp turns in highs and lows to the area.

If the weather forecasters are right — and that is always a big “if” — the week will end with temperatures rising and some snow falling.

The arrival of bitter cold comes as I head to a long day in the Floyd County Circuit Courtroom for a long day of covering criminal cases for The Floyd Press followed by an evening meeting of the county board of supervisors.

Good way to spend a cold day and frigid evening.

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2 thoughts on “Winter blows back in with a frigid blast”

  1. Thanks for all the updates on power outages the last few days Doug. It sounds like you’re really getting back in the midst of things again and it’s so good to read about. Take care and don’t overdo.

  2. What drives me nuts about this cold weather is not being able to go outside and play unless I dress to the point of looking like the Michelin Man. I just published an article on dealing with cabin fever. I’ve got it bad!

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