The Chantilly Shuffle

Bernie Coveney

One of the great things about what I do is the chance to photograph and film music and those who enjoy playing and listening.

The Chantilly Farms Bluegrass Festival last Memorial Day weekend was a good example: A day of good music, good food and good fun at the Dave Larsen’s Chantilly Site off Franklin Pike.

This year, New Jersey transplant Bernie Coveney wrote a special song for the event — “The Chantilly Shuffle” and he and his friends performed the song at the festival.  The music provided a good backdrop for this roundup of the day of music and fun.


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  1. Hi Doug – Thank you for the additional video’s . Your video’s of these musicians is just great. I posted the one with Bernie and his friend playing on my tonight.

    Thank you for the great help and wonderful video.

    David Larsen at Chantilly Farm

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