Up on the Roof

A clip from Saturday night’s performance at Oak Grove Pavilion by Windfall & friends, featuring the voice of Britt Mistele and his rendition of the Drifters’ classic “Up on the Roof,” co-written by Carole King.

The song as one of many excellent performances by the group that night.

3 thoughts on “Up on the Roof”

  1. Nice Doug!! Thanks for posting. Would you happen to have White Freightliner in your stock of footage from that night? 😉

  2. A lot of people agreed wtih your assessmemt of this performance. The red buckets netted a record contribution for our local charities.
    Thanks for the plug.

  3. Windfall made the night MAGICAL! Thank you for all the work that went into practicing to add a couple to fill in. Awesome, as is your norm!

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