‘House of Good and Evil’ screened for Floyd County fans

Floyd County residents saw a full screening of “House of Good and Evil,” the independent suspense and horror movie filmed in the the county last fall and starring Rachel Marie Lewis, Christian Oliver and Rob Neukirch.

A large crowd turned out at Chantilly Farm for the free screening and the rain that had been hit and missed all day waited until the very end of the film and attendees made their way back to their cars as the drops began to fall.

The film, a taut story by Blu de Golyer, son-in-law of Floyd Countians Bill and Ginny Gardner, brought applause from the crowd at the end and is scheduled for nationwide release on October 1.

I’m certainly not as talented as the crew of creative filmmakers who put this project together but here is a modest offering from Sunday’s screening.

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5 thoughts on “‘House of Good and Evil’ screened for Floyd County fans”

  1. Nice job, Doug…what a great evening for everyone. I feel lucky to have been a part of it. The sky lit up and opened up on the ride home, a fitting ending to HGE…

  2. Doug, thanks for making this great little film. May I have your permission to share with others on the Chamber’s Facebook Page? (credit to you of course!

  3. Doug, Thank you for your coming out and being part of the screening for the ‘House of Good and Evil’. Your post gives those who could not be there a good idea of what they missed. The attendance was beyond our expectations. Many people worked hard and I thank all of them for making the screening a success.

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