Both governor candidates bring losers in for endorsements

102113losersSo this is what the Virginia governor’s race has come to.

Terry McAuliffe brought Hillary Clinton to the Old Dominion to endorse him and Ken Cuccinelli depended on Mike Huckabee for a “big wheel” endorsement.

Let’s see.  A former first lady and one-time Secretary of State who failed in her Presidential run in 2008 and a former Arkansas Governor and perennial failure as a Presidential contendor wanders into the the state to tell us Virginians who should be our next governor.

According to reports, both Clinton and Huckabee are “seriously considering” Presidential runs in 2016.

Whoopee.  If I couldn’t make up my mind in this year’s governor’s race before, having Hillary and Huckabee show up made it easy — don’t vote for either one.

All we need now is for Robert Sarvis to bring former Congressman and three-time failed Presidential candidate Ron Paul in to stump for him and that will convince many of us to just stay home on Election Day.


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  1. Agree for the most part but really, Huckabee is so much more righteous than Clinton. At least she’s somebody’s mother. He’s just a bag of wind.

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