Independence Day – 2014

In looking for material to put in this year’s Independence Day video, I looked for both the good and bad in today’s American society, a nation where we too often celebrate freedom without actually practicing it, a country where soldiers are asked to serve their nation and then are forgotten when they come home and a place where money and politics override common sense and decency.

As an American, I love my country but also, as an American , I worry about what it has become.

2 thoughts on “Independence Day – 2014”

  1. Thanks Doug-very enjoyable! That one shot up through the treetops at the stars was stunning! Have a good day.

  2. I know how much you love my suggestions, so here’s another one:

    The vaguely heavy-metal electric guitar soundtrack gets old pretty quickly. There are local musicians, although I’d imagine they’d like to get paid (fake musicians are cheaper), and I suggest you look into them. Although heavy metal guitar is quite American, the result always sounds to me a bit like a discarded track from an AC/DC album, which, er, isn’t exactly American.

    Furthermore, it seems a bit inappropriate. A snarling guitar is not what I’d think of as an instrument to contemplate with.

    Have a musician put the same artistic effort into the soundtrack as you did into the images, and the result will be truly awesome.


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