Time to toss Facebook into the trash?

fbookFacebook has become an endless muddle of repetitious cliches, back door ads and senseless videos that add nothing to discussions.

Like so much else on the Internet nowadays, it is awash with flaming, usually error-filled political rhetoric, unabashed hate and bigotry and useless material.

For too many, it has become a replacement for face-to-face conversation and what does pass for conservation lacks any serious intent to pass on knowledge or useful information.

It is a good idea gone awry.  It was once a place to reconnect with friends.  It was a valuable tool for communication with friends during recovery from a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 2012.  That is what keeps me using it.

But now it is too often impossible to wade through the tidal waves of nonsense that dominates the site each day.

I will remain a member because Facebook membership is necessary to communicate on some web sites but I will spend less time dealing with so much of the trash in the so-called “news feed.”

Call it a necessary evil.

1 thought on “Time to toss Facebook into the trash?”

  1. Amen brother! The wrongly named Facebook where people post self righteous crap that they would NEVER say to your face. Perhaps In-Your-Facebook would be more fitting.

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