Mickey Freeze is coming


If all goes according to plan, the frozen yogurt shop at Village Green will soon become “Micky Freeze” under the new ownership and management of Mickey G’s Michael Gucciardo.

He’s taking over the operation of Time Travelers, which was also an antique shot and expanded it into a seven-day dessert operation.

And, yes, the frozen yogurt will continue as a major part of the shop.

A redesign is coming as part of the changeover. More to come…

3 thoughts on “Mickey Freeze is coming”

  1. I sure hope Michael gets a healthy yogurt mix instead of the High Fructose Corn Syrup
    version they were using!

  2. We will miss Russell and Janine and wish them the best of luck in their ramblings! Very excited for Michael, glad to here the yogurt shop, which was a great edition to downtown Floyd, will continue!

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