Virginia COVID-19 deaths now 616 with 17,731 infected

Floyd County's infections remain at 3, with 1 hospitalized. National deaths at 65.782 and 1.1 million infected.

Deaths from the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic passed 600 Saturday with 616 reported in Virginia along with 17,731 cases throughout the Old Dominion, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) said Saturday.

The daily VDH report lists 2,5119 hospitalized. One of those hospitalized includes one of the three residents of Floyd County currently infected.

In other area localities, Roanoke city has 80 cases with 5 hospitalized, Roanoke County with 54 (1 hospitalized), and 26 in Salem, with two in the hospital.

Montgomery County lists 56 infected with 7 hospitalized and 1 death. Franklin County: 22 cases, 3 in hospital; Carroll: 13 infected, 2 hospitalized; Pulaski: 9 infected, 2 hospitalized, Wythe County: 11 infections, 1 in a hospital and 1 dead; and Patrick County: 2 infections.

VDH also lists 113,450 tests, but some were more than one test on the same people. The agency now lists 101,344 “unique” people tested.

Fairfax County continues to lead the Commonwealth with 4,046 cases, 153 dead and 686 hospitalized.

State, national and global data:

Number Tested: 
Confirmed Cases:
Deaths: 616

United States:
Deaths : 65,782
Recoveries: 161,666

: 3,421,226
Deaths: 240.222
Recovered: 1,093,091

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