Virginia COVID-19 deaths at 769; U.S. now tops 74,000, world over 266,000

After 48 hours since its last update of COVID-19 Coronavirus cases, deaths and hospitalizations, the Virginia Department of Health Thursday finally reported Thursday morning that the Old Dominion has suffered 769 fatalities from the pandemic through 5 p.m. Wednesday — and increase of 56 since its last report on Tuesday — with 21,570 cases and 2,995 hospitalized.

The cases were an increase of 1,313 over the last 48 hours. Hospitalizations increased by 222.

Floyd County’s caseload remains at 3 with 1 in the hospital.

The city of Roanoke has 88 cases, 6 hospitalized and 1 death, Roanoke County lists 60 cases with 1 hospitalizations and Salem has 30 cases with 2 in the hospital.

Montgomery County has 69 infected, 9 hospitalized and 1 dead. Carroll County has 25 cases with 2 hospitalized, Pulaski lists 9 infections with 2 in the hospital, Wythe County has 12 cases, 2 hospitalized and 1 dead while Patrick County now has 4 cases.

Among other Virginia localities, Fairfax County’s caseload now tops 5,000 with 5,045 with 832 hospitalized and 211 dead. Prince William County has 2,398 infections, 237 hospitalized and 39 dead.

The Virginia Department of Health’s data problems reported Wednesday morning and provided no update Wednesday.

Data statewide, nationally and global:

Number of Tests:
Confirmed Cases:

United States:
Deaths : 74,810
Recoveries: 213,109

: 3,846,924
Deaths: 265,285
Recovered: 1,315,718

(Information obtained from the Center for Disease Control, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, World Health Organization, and the Virginia Department of Health.)

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