The worst may be yet to come

Most health experts and a good number of our leaders agree that things will be worse before they get better in the pandemic. The burning question is “how long will it take?”

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USA now ranks third in COVID-19 deaths

About a week ago, the death toll in the United States from the COVID-10 Coronavirus pandemic ranked sixth in the world, trailing China, Italy, Spain, France, and the United Kingdom. As the cliche goes, that was then and this is now. Now, the U.S. ranks third with 5,112 deaths Thursday morning with only Italy and

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Virginia virus count: 34 dead and 1,484 infected

April 2020 arrived with good news for Floyd County, Virginia: Still, no confirmed cases of COVID-19 Coronavirus infections from the worldwide pandemic that has, to date, killed at least 34 in Virginia, 4,102 in the United State and 44,220 around the globe. Infections remain pretty close to 50-50 between men and women with 50.1 %

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Another day fighting COVID-19

April 1. April Fool’s Day. In this time of COVID-19 Coronavirus, playing an joke on anyone feels out of place and inappropriate. As dawn breaks along the East coast of the United States, the number of confirmed cases of the deadly pandemic sits at less than 150,000 away from a million infectees. America now leads

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