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Bernie Coveney


Bernie Coveney’s smile is the first thing you notice. It’s far more boyish than you expect from a man of his age. It’s also infectious.

Coveney is a guitarist, a damn good one. He used to play with Emmylou Harris and that’s the kind of gig any guitar player would love to have on their resume. Nowadays he plays mostly with the Abe Goorskey Trio. Abe is a student, a mandolin player and singer. Chris Luster on bass makes up the rest of the trio. Bernie’s work on the guitar is pure magic.

You can catch it on this video from Floyd’s annual Spring Into Summer festival.

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Faces of Floyd

071105sallywalker.jpg Starting a new series this week called "Faces of Floyd." The idea is to showcase some of the people and places that make the area so unique.

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A Lot of Voice in a Tiny Package

Caught Sally Walker as the singer of "Little Diva and the G Strings," a jazz and blues group, at Oak Grove Pavillion at Zion Lutheran Church Saturday night.

Lord, that woman can sing the blues…and jazz…and I imagine anything else she sets her mind too. Her rendition of Peggy Lee’s classic "Fever" sends chills down your spine.

A lot of mournful blues comes out of that little package.

My first visit to Oak Grove. It won’t be my last. A pleasant place to catch good music on a balmy Saturday evening. Kudos to Zion for offering this venue for music in the county.

Also the first time I’ve heard Sally Walker sing. Won’t be the last time for that either.

Floyd has always been known for its musical talent and Sally is an outstanding addition to the local music scene. It’s good to see the growth of good blues in the area, from Scott Perry at The Pickin’ Porch to Sally Walker and other groups that appear at local venues like Oak Grove and Oddfellas Cantina.

Proves there more to the Floyd music scene than just good Bluegrass (and the Bluegrass is pretty damn good too. And FloydFest is coming up in a couple of weeks, offering even more musical variety for the area.

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Got the Blues?

Scott Perry

Mention music and Floyd County in the same breath and most people think of the Friday Night Jamboree.

True, Floyd is home to some of the best Bluegrass around but there’s a sizable, and excellent community of Blues musicians as well.

Like Scott Perry (above), owner of The Pickin’ Porch on Willis Avenue and a frequent performer in venues like Oddfellas Cantina. Scott sings the Blues and sings it damn well.

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Word for Word



ColleenSpent a relaxing two-and-a-half hours listening to local poets and writers recite their works at "Spoken Word Night" at Oddfellas in Floyd Sunday evening.

Most belong to the Floyd Writer’s Group, a collection of published and unpublished writers and poets in the county.

Stories ranged from serious reflections on life to a belly-splitting tale about losing one’s virginity.

Most of the selections centered on personal experiences of the righters, which included Fragments from Floyd blogger Fred First, poet and potter Jayn Avery, acerbic political commentator-poet-novelist-writer Colleen Redman (right), who stayed away from politics, and several others.

Surprisingly, Fred managed to tear himself away from his new Nikon D70 digital SLR long enough to return to the printed word. Our gain. Photography’s loss (for the evening). Kid
I’ve been writing professionally for more than four decades now but don’t know if I’d ever have guts enough to get up in front of a group and actually read something I’ve written.

Generally always thought writing was something others were supposed to read.

Yet, watching this group of writers translate their words from paper to spoken word adds a dimension you may not get from seeing those words printed on processed wood pulp.

Most displayed varying degrees of emotion that added to the effect of their words. Many made me want to read more of their writings. As with so much else that has happened in Floyd County in recent years, the growth of writing talent is a pleasant surprise.

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