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Schools closed again after snowfall that wasn’t supposed to happen

Tuesday’s snow, the one forecast to bring “little or no accumulation” to our area, closed Floyd County’s schools Wednesday as too many roads remain slick and snow covered from the 3-5 inches that fell in parts of the county Tuesday and more snow covered the area overnight. Mother Nature once again outwitted the forecasters and

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Little or no accumulation?

Channel 7’s forecast early Tuesday: “Trace of snow with little or no accumulation.” Channel 10: “Snow will fall but will not stick on roads. Less than an inch of accumulation.” Kevin Myatt of The Roanoke Times: “A little more snow possible today, but probably not much.” So snow fell. A bunch of snow. Some 3-5

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You say you want an evolution

Five years ago, as Frank & Sally Walker worked to open their new coffee shop, Cafe del Sol, I asked them a question. “What,” I wondered, “motivates you to open a ‘gourmet’ coffee shop in a county where coffee is measured by thickness, not taste?” “We’re hoping to change that,” Sally said. For a while,

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To snow a lot or not to snow a lot? That is the question

The National Weather Service is predicting some snow for the area Tuesday and Wednesday. How much? Ah, that’s the question. The latest estimate from the NWS pros predicts 1-2 inches. Roanoke Times weather geek Kevin Myatt, who’s record of accuracy beats the pros, thinks it will be more like 2-4 inches. The Farmer’s Almanac, which

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Cantrell’s career ends with upset

The legendary career of Floyd County High School basketball coach Alan Cantrell ended with a stunning loss to Glenvar — a team his Lady Buffaloes beat handily twice in the regular season — 46-40 Friday night in the Region C Division 2 semifinals at Northwood High School in Saltville Friday night. The Lady Buffs scored

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This sucks if you get our drift

High winds sent drifting snow over previously-clear Floyd County roads again today, closing schools again and plunging wind chills into single digits. Our wind meter clocked one gust last night at 61 miles per hour. The 1-2 inches of snow that fell Wednesday piled up in drifts Thursday and early today. Our driveway is covered

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FCHS boys eliminated from regional playoffs

Floyd County High School’s boys basketball team first appearance in regional tournament play in recent years came to an abrupt end in the first round Wednesday night at James River High School in Buchanan as the Knights handed the Buffaloes at 66-43 defeat and eliminated the team from the Region C, Division 2 tournament. The

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Giving Cantrell one last home win

Floyd County High School’s girls’ varsity basketball team gave retiring coach Alan Cantrell a final home victory Tuesday night with a 71-37 trouncing of James River in the opening regional tournament play at the FCHS gym. The Lady Buffs roared out to a quick lead early and never looked back. By the time Cantrell put

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Going for the gold

Floyd County High School‘s girls varsity basketball team opens regional tournament play at 7 p.m. tonight at the FCHS gym, facing James River High School from Buchanan. Although the Lady Buffs lost the district tournament final against perennial rival Radford in overtime Friday night, they qualified for the regional tournament by finishing first in regular

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Outlook: More cold, more snow

Prescription for a bad day: Get up, fix a cup of coffee and read Kevin Myatt’s weather blog in The Roanoke Times. The “pattern that has delivered a cold, snowy winter isn’t changing much heading into March,” Myatt wrote Tuesday. Then the news gets worse. “Many people seem to feel like there will probably be

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