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Fighting the wintertime blues

Met a friend for lunch this week. He arrived pissed. “Damn I’m tired of this,” he said. “My driveway is solid ice. My water pipes are frozen. It’s cold and I’m mad.” No kidding. A lot of people say they’ve “had it up to here” with snow that remains on the ground three weeks after

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Frigid cold brings frozen pipes

A growing number of Floyd County residents report frozen water pipes from the seemingly-endless stream of bitter cold nights and gusting winds that send wind chill factors below zero. Particularly hard hit are those with spring-fed holding tanks and water systems that depend on gravity to bring water to their homes. Grocery stores say demand

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Are we losing the Floyd County way?

Bad weather brings out the best and worst of people. We saw the best in those who took the time to help neighbors stuck in snow or without power. On Christmas Even, I stopped to help two young men in a pickup who slid off the road after hitting a deer on U.S. 221. While

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The ghosts of Christmases past

My muscles ache this morning, partly because of the weather and more from helping dig people out of snow for the past few days. I was late getting to my mother’s house on Christmas Eve because I stopped on U.S. 221 to help two young men get their pickup out of a snowbank after they

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Scenes from a snowy Saturday

Floyd Countians began digging out Saturday as the worst snowstorm in more than a decade moved northward, leaving a foot-and-a-half or more in the area and even more elsewhere. Those who ventured out found the main roads passable but many secondary routes covered with drifting snow and untouched by snow plows. In Floyd, few businesses

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Thirty years

Thirty years. Three decades. Three hundred and sixty months.  One thousand, five hundred and sixty weeks or 10,957 days. Nobody expected it to last, this union of a hard-drinking, hard-living newspaperman and an actress from St. Louis — both wary from failed first marriages. Some people describe their marriage as a melodrama. Amy and I

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