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Prescription pain drug user or abuser? Who knows?

Like many Americans — too many say some — I take an opiate painkiller.  Three times a day, I down two 50mg Tramadol tablets — a total of 300mg by day’s end — to dampen the pain lingering from a serious motorcycle accident seven years ago. I left the hospital taking the drug and have

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Few answers in Christiansburg boss’ death

Christiansburg town manager Steve Biggs died at 3:41 a.m. Wednesday after shooting himself in the head Tuesday following a four-hour standoff with town police. Biggs, 53, killed himself after a month-long emergency protective order expired.  The order came from 23-year-old Rachel Waltz’s claims of harassment and after Biggs issued a stop payment on a $1,000

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What the hell happened?

Blue Ridge Muse operates a web hosting company that provides space for several bloggers, photographer and artists around the area. Equipment upgrades required us to move several of the sites Friday night. Most of the moves went smoothly.  Two, however, did not not because of a stupid mistake of mine.  When configuring the Domain Name

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Underage sex can be legal in Virginia & elsewhere

An area man wanted the 17 year-old boyfriend  of his 15 year-old granddaughter charged with statutory rape after his daughter and the girl’s mother discovered suggestive photos of her on her cell phone and the girl admitted her boyfriend took the photos on the day she lost her virginity with him. The girl said she

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Disagree with the school chief? Here comes the law

Two Floyd County deputy sheriffs showed up at Rob Neukirch’s home in town recently with a letter from School Superintendent Kevin Harris. The letter warned Neukich to keep his mouth shut or face expulsion and banishment from school properties. “I will ban you from being on any property owned by the Floyd County School Board

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Are smartphones reducing sex by teens?

Smartphones are everywhere — in malls, in restaurants, on the street, in driver’s seats (unfortunately) and in the hands of just about every teenager one sees.  Parents worry about the use of phones, particularly for texting, limits personal interaction and even face-to-face conversation. Perhaps, but a new study by the Center for Disease Control says

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Storm that wasn’t

Snow, of sorts, arrived in the area Tuesday with 2-4 inches falling, closing schools and businesses early and leaving roads covered and slick. Schools are closed in Floyd and surrounding counties for Wednesday. The storm that left the area covered in white was supposed to bypass Floyd County for the most part and stay to

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Moonshine flap at Christiansburg High School

Another controversy over a television “reality” show, this one hitting close to home. The girls’ head basketball coach at Christiansburg High School resigned Wednesday and the Montgomery County Public School system fired his assistant over the purchase of a souvenir bottle of legal moonshine tied to a reality TV show during a school-sponsored trip for

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Is Virginia Tech’s new president worth $700,000 a year?

The new president of Virginia Tech will pull down about $700,o00 for his first year on the job, including a base salary of a half million, $180,000 in “deferred compensation” and a $20,000 car allowance. Of course he will earn far less than football coach Frank Beamer, who will bank $2,491,616 “before bonuses” in the

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Some fallout from the Wendell Berry event

Lots of aftermath, second guessing and some recriminations from author-activist Wendell Berry‘s visit to Floyd last week. Some are asking for refunds on the tickets they purchased to attend the appearance of Berry last Friday night, saying they were misled into thinking they were attending an evening listening to him and not a panel discussion

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