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Some fallout from the Wendell Berry event

Lots of aftermath, second guessing and some recriminations from author-activist Wendell Berry‘s visit to Floyd last week. Some are asking for refunds on the tickets they purchased to attend the appearance of Berry last Friday night, saying they were misled into thinking they were attending an evening listening to him and not a panel discussion

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Fake cop is not offering a blue light special

The fake cop that is pulling over drivers in Floyd County and other areas struck again this past weekend, posing as an unmarked police car with a blue light on his sun visor to stop a car during the daytime. The phony officer, driving what has been described as a Ford Mustang or a Toyota

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Doing the crime and doing the time

When Circuit Judge Marc Long took over the bench in Floyd County last year from interim judge Joseph Canada, courtroom watchers wondered if the trend towards stronger prison sentences imposed by Canada would continue. Those worries have vanished because Long is proving to be a tougher judge than even Canada. Long routinely hands down stiff

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Channel 10 disappears from Dish Network TV screens

WSLS (Channel 10), the NBC affiliate in Roanoke, disappeared from the TV screens of Dish Satellite customers in Floyd County and elsewhere in the area Tuesday because of a contract dispute between Dish and Media General, the media giant that owns the TV station. At issue are “retransmission fees,” the amount that cable and satellite

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‘Tis a pity that a mag called City is so out of date

City Magazine, the glossy, ad-supported free magazine, claims to be the ‘definitive’ source for information on dining, entertainment and arts in the area. But it isn’t. If you look at the dining listings under ‘Floyd,” the first listing is Cafe del Sol, the coffee house that closed two years ago.  Harvest Moon is listed as

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Tony Mackian: The State Police’s one-man ticket-writing machine

If you see this navy blue Chevrolet Impala in your rear view mirror, slow down! Odds are, it’s too late. This is the new unmarked police cruiser for Virginia State Trooper Tony Mackian, a local officer of Serbian ancestry derisively called “the mad Russian” by some who have fallen victim to his ticket book. Calling

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This kind of crap has to stop

Floyd’s downtown rehabilitation project has its supporters and detractors but debate over an issue is one thing. Vandalism is another matter. The sign detailing the latest phase of the project had just gone up a couple of weeks ago when a vandal showed up with a can of spray paint and added his or her

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Tippi Hedren coming to Floyd to film psychological thriller

“House of Good and Evil” a”psyhological horror” film helmed by cinematographer-turned-director David Mun is set to begin shooting in Floyd County in September. Tippi Hedrin — yes the Tippi Hedren from Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “The Birds” — is part of the cast  So is Rob Neukirch former owner of Oddfellas and an actor with a

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A society of distractions

Heading into Floyd the other day on U.S. 221 South just past Ingram’s store when a northbound Ford Taurus came over the hill, straddling the center line. I swerved my Harley to the right, almost to the shoulder, narrowly missing the car, which passed within inches of the motorcycle.  As the car swept by I

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