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The ridge line debate: Myths, mysteries and misinformation

Lot of debate in Floyd County over a proposed ordinance to limit development along ridge lines. Lot of passion at a public hearing where 47 speakers offered opinions, hyperbole and misinformation. We’ve gone back over the claims, counterclaims and comments from that hearing along with statements at recent meetings of the Floyd County Board of

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An indictment is not a conviction or indicator of guilt

A story I wrote in last week’s Floyd Press — about the indictment of a female member of Floyd County’s rescue squad on four sexual abuse charges involving a 16-year-old boy — generated a lot of comment and public debate in Floyd County. Customers at Express Mart in Floyd cornered owner Roger Hollandsworth — a

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National Music Festival abandons Floyd and heads to Maryland

The National Music Festival, the two-week classical music series that drew much praise in its debut season in Floyd County this past summer will stage its second season in Maryland. In August, the Festival announced it was in the black and told The Roanoke Times it had expanded its board to include Floyd County notables

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The misinformation super highway

The dangers of pulling misinformation off the Internet and using it in a public venue surfaced Tuesday at the regular monthly meeting of the Floyd County Board of Supervisors. A county resident who spoke during the public comment period presented the supervisors with a printout from a web site that she said proved that the

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Bye-bye Borders

Borders died quietly last month, closing the last locations of the once-giant retail chain that dominated the bookstore business. The demise of Borders went largely unnoticed in these parts because we didn’t have Borders stores in either the Roanoke or New River regions. But Borders was already a big deal when it opened a store

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When politics overwhelms friendships, we all lose

Lunch last week with two friends who approach life from opposite ends of the political spectrum:  Fred First, Floyd County’s “first blogger” and Jim Connor, a relatively-recent addition to the area’s population of bloggers and diverse characters. Fred — for the most part — is an unabashed liberal, an ardent environmentalist with a passion for

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Coal, wind and environmental irony

Stopped by the Floyd Country Store Thursday night to watch The Electricity Fairy, a 2010 documentary on the battle over approval and construction of a coal-fired power plant in Wise County. While the 52-minute film by director Tom Hansell has a clear anti-coal point of view, it presented a reasonably-balanced account of the years-long fight

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Abandoned towns and shattered dreams

Any tour of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky or West Virginia seems like a trip through a fading past.  As I cruise the back roads and byways of our region, the rumble of my Harley’s exhausts too often echo off abandoned buildings, empty shells and remnants of long-lost prosperity and shattered dreams. On recent rides,

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Lots of hot air in the wind generator debate

If we could harness all the hot air emanating from the loud and sometimes raucous debate over proposed wind generator farms in Floyd County we might just find energy salvation through geo-thermal electricity production. Many incredible claims and so much misinformation emerged from a 43-minute public comment session before the Floyd County Board of Supervisors

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