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Losing the War in West Virginia

You know a community is in trouble when even the police department and jail is closed and boarded up. War, West Virginia, calls itself the southernmost city in the state but like so many communities where coal was once king, War has seen better days. Discovered War by accident while riding West Virginia 16 on

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Does God make political endorsements?

If you believe one candidate for sheriff of Floyd County, God guaranteed him the job if he entered the race. Paul Hill, a mechanic who works for an excavating company, says God woke him up at three in the morning back in December 2009 and told him to run against popular county sheriff Shannon Zeman. 

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Grundy: They paved paradise and put up a Walmart

Floyd County may lay claim to “The Man Who Moved a Mountain,” but moving mountains and rerouting rivers is business as usual in Grundy, the Buchanan County seat in deep Southwestern Virginia. And at a time when most Virginia towns try to preserve their history and heritage through renovation of landmarks, Grundy took the wrecking

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Grudges? We don’t need no stinkin’ grudges

From time to time, someone will walk up, call up or email to say something like “why do you have a grudge against (insert name here).” Grudges? We don’t need no stinkin’ grudges. Grudges waste time, energy and emotional reserves. Angela Pirisi writes in Psychology Today: Still holding grudges? Check your pulse: research suggests that

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Danica Patrick brings her sexpot act to NASCAR

Today’s big racing news: Bikini model/skin magazine centerfold/race car driver Danica Patrick will run NASCAR “full time” next year, driving a full season in the Nationwide Series for JR Motorsports along with “selected” Sprint Cup events for Tony Stewart‘s team. It’s getting a lot of hype.  WDBJ Chanel 7 in Roanoke led its sportscast with

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Too much anger

Lots of anger out there. Too much. Can’t talk politics with some without it turning into a shouting match. Can’t joke about someone’s background without them getting mad. Not much humor left. Used to be angry. Lost temper with little or no provocation. No more. Getting mad solves nothing. Anger escalates emotions and displaces reason.

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When public meetings turn into The Rocky Horror Picture Show

It’s astounding; Time is fleeting; Madness takes its toll. But listen closely… Not for very much longer… I’ve got to keep control. Never thought the lyrics from a song in The Rocky Horror Picture Show would come to mind while attending a public meeting or hearing in Floyd County but the words from “Time Warp”

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Turn the damn cell phones off!

Hard to concentrate on the issues in Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting in Floyd. Too many cell phones ringing. Too many people attending the crowded meeting didn’t have the common courtesy of putting their phones on vibrate or simply turning the damn things off. So phones kept ringing. Former Supervisor Kerry Whitlock’s phone rang twice

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Sunset for the Blue Ridge Parkway?

  At least once a year, I travel the full-length of the Blue Ridge Parkway — from Mile Marker 0 near Waynesboro to Mile 469 at the entrance to Smokey Mountains National Park. The Parkway has been a central part of my life since I first visited it at age 5.  I hiked its trails

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Paige Duke and NASCAR’s hypocrisy

Paige Duke, a 24-year-old beauty served — until this past week — as one of three “Sprint Cup Girls” for the National Association of Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) racing series. The Sprint Cup girls aren’t chosen for their knowledge of racing, their intellectual prowess or their educational credentials. They get picked because they’re young, beautiful

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