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School Superintendent Arbogast ignores traffic laws too

Outgoing Floyd County School Superintendent Terry E. Arbogast got into hot water this year for playing fast and loose with the rules when it came to his rapidly escalating salary and his reluctance to come clean about why he kept the truth about his actual pay under wraps. Now it turns out he has a

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As more facts emerge, Sheriff Hunt’s culpability in murder grows

The more we learn about the tragic Memorial Day events that led to a Franklin County deputy sheriff gunning down his ex-wife in the parking lot of a Roanoke gas station the more the incredible ineptitude of sheriff Ewell Hunt is exposed. Recordings released by the Roanoke City Police Department shows their emergency center ran

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Sheriff Hunt, you are a disgrace

Dear Sheriff Hunt: I read with interest your laughable attempt in Monday’s Roanoke Times to cover your ass for your inept — and some might say criminal — handling of Franklin County Deputy Jonathan Agee’s murder of his ex-wife and shooting of a Virginia State Trooper. Your attempts to justify an incredible level of stupidity

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In Franklin County, a ‘time bomb waiting to go off’ exploded

    In Franklin County, folks thought things at the sheriff’s department couldn’t get any worse after scandal-tarred sheriff Ewell Hunt eeked out a narrow election victory by less than 250 votes in November 2007. A year later, Hunt was under arrest — charged by a county grand jury with keeping faulty records. He beat

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Untangling the Arbogast mess

The escalating controversy over just how much Floyd County School superintendent Terry W. Arbogast is paid and where the money comes from dominates public discussion not only in Floyd County but beyond the borders and around the region. At a meeting of the New River Valley Harley Owners Group Saturday morning, several people who don’t

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Another display of rudeness at a public meeting

The ugly face of modern political action disrupted the Floyd County Board of Supervisors for a second-straight meeting Thursday night when rude and obnoxious members of the audience talked loudly among themselves and offered their own commentary to statements and actions of the board. When Indian Valley Supervisor Fred Gerald asked the board to open

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Taxing times

As my story in today’s Floyd Press explains, the county Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 Monday night to hike taxes substantially for the upcoming fiscal years — raising the real estate tax rate five cents to 53 cents per $100 in assessed valuation and personal property taxes 75 cents to $3.45 per $100. This means

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Cops and teachers: Underpaid and under appreciated

Events this week remind of two professions that provide a great service for all of us and get very little in return when it comes to salary and benefits. The tragic shooting of four deputies in Buchanan County — with two dead, one clinging to life and the fourth in serious condition — should send

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Floyd County’s School Board: ‘We answer to no one’

The Floyd County school system, which by law is a division of the county government, apparently thinks it doesn’t have to answer to anyone, including the Board of Supervisors. That’s what two Supervisors found out recently when they asked the school board for information on the budget in general along with specifics abut the contracts

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