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Elvis is not leaving the building

Friends whose opinion I value greatly have talked to me recently about our decision to close our studio at The Jacksonville Center and, as a result of their urgings, we have decided to remain.

The decision to close the studio, which never really reached what we felt was its full potential, was a difficult one. We were one of the original tenants at the Center and it has been part of our lives since coming to Floyd in 2004. My mother was a volunteer at the time and she brought the center to my attention when we were looking for gallery locations.

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Sadly, Amy and I have decided to close our studio, Blue Ridge Creative, at The Jacksonville Center. Our departure ends a three-year stint as one of the original tenants of the Center.

Opening the studio brought us to Floyd — a homecoming for me and a new home for Amy. But the studio never evolved as we envisioned. I had hoped to use it as a quiet refuge to work on video and photo projects and catalog 40 years of work. Amy hoped to use it for sculpture.

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No big deal

After checking out the upgrades to both Firefox and Internet Explorer, all I can say is “so?”

Neither lights my fire and I’m sticking with Safari on my Mac and Firefox 1.5 on the PC.

Mozilla seems to want to out Microsoft itself with a bug-loaded Firefox 2.0 and the new IE is just more of the same from MS.

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Snakes not on a plane

At first I thought it was an earthworm on the floor of our kitchen but it was too skinny to be a worm. And earthworms aren’t black. About four inches long, it lay coiled towards the center of the floor but slithered quickly off towards the kitchen sink as I approached and into a small hole between the linoleum and the bottom of the cabinet under the sick.

I opened the cabinet door just in time to see it slither down into the opening between the bottom of the cabinet and the kitchen sink drain pipe and into the crawl space under the house.

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A couple of quick notes:

Hung photos over the weekend in Oddfellas Cantina. If you’re by for lunch or dinner, check them out and let me know what you think. Bill Bell, our local landscape photographer extraordinaire, will be putting his superlative scenes on the opposite wall of the dining room. Mine are all faces. Maybe we’ll call the shows “Faces and Places.”

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USA Today discovers Floyd

USA Today discovered Floyd in a recent visit while researching a story on The Crooked Road.

Writes Jayne Clark:

You don’t mess with tradition in the green hills and hollows of Southwest Virginia. And judging from Alzora Wood’s steely glare and that 4-foot-long wand she’s wielding, you don’t mess with her, either. Bands take shape on the corner, and a street party atmosphere prevails.

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Over the weekend we moved to a new server.

Last night the new server crashed. It’s the third new server we’ve had crash in less than a month.

Not sure what’s going on here but they sure don’t make servers like they used to.

Posts for the last three days have been lost, along with the comments. When I get time to restore them from backup I will but right now I’m more concerned about fixing the hardware glitch.

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We’re moving Blue Ridge Muse to a new server. During the move, comments have been disabled until we get relocated. Should be back on line by Sunday.

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Postscript on Loki

One of the vets from Virginia-Maryland School of Veterinary Medicine called Wednesday to report on the result of Loki’s autopsy. Bottom line: They still don’t know what caused the kitten’s extensive brain damage but we did the right thing by bringing him in and having him put to sleep.

The masses in his brain had expanded to the point that the pressure caused pain and Loki would have died in another day or two but would have suffered much more had we not chosen to end his short life.

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