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Time to run and cut

Enough rain fell this week to send grass shooting up in the South 40, also known at the front yard of Chateau Thompson. This means getting the John Deere out of mothballs, sharpening the three blades on the cutting deck, and tackling the three acres of yard before the National Forest Service declares it a wilderness area.

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Loki update

Loki is home. Sadly, after many, many tests, the vets and students at the Virginia-Maryland Regional Veterinary Hospital at Virginia Tech say there is nothing any of us can do but try and make him comfortable for the rest of his life although no one knows how long that will be.

The MRI found evidence of two masses on his brain, both deep inside and both inoperable. At least one is affecting is balance, motor control and vision. If the masses grow, his condition will deteriorate.

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Introducing FloydCounty.Com

Today marks the launch of our newly redesigned and reconstructed FloydCounty.Com, the site I believe will become the county’s premier news, information and entertainment web site.

Besides news, commentary and features, FloydCounty.Com will provide video and audio presentations, highlighting the area’s musical and artistic heritage. It will also serve as a one-stop roundout of Floyd County bloggers. Whenever Fred First, Collen Redman, David St. Lawrence, Sean Sharp or us updates their blogs, you will find the latest links on the site.

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Waiting and wondering

011506wind.jpgThe wind howled through the night. Our wind meter shows a peak of 81.7 mph shortly after 2 a.m. With daylight approaching, we wait in nervous anticipation to view the carnage that may face us outside. Did our shingles survive? I know at least one shutter was loosened by the wind while branches and debris litter the landscape.

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A number of comments are starting to appear on Blue Ridge Muse regarding articles that appear on Capitol Hill Blue, the political news web site that I have published since 1994.

While I appreicate any and all comments, I do try to keep Muse away from politics. It is a journal about life here in the country, not the hustle and bustle of politics that Amy and I left behind when we moved here a year ago.

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Under construction

120205house2.jpgThe modules that make up the base of David & Gretchen St. Lawrence’s “stick-built modular home” went on the foundation Thursday as workmen from the Rocky Mount firm that built the home took advantage of a rare, rainless day.

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What Are You Doing Saturday Night?

You might want to drop by Cafe del Sol at the Winter Sun building in Floyd for an open mike night with the Floyd Writers Circle.

Some of our area’s best writers will be reading their work and others are encouraged to get up and read some of theirs.

The fun starts at 7 p.m. See you there.

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Pardon our dust while we remodel Blue Ridge Muse. The changes are part of upgrading the software that runs this web site along with continued work on tracking down some problems that affect some other blogs that run on our system.

With luck, we’ll have the bugs ironed out this weekend.

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Busy Day

Gonna be a busy one. Got to get Fred and Fragments from Floyd back online before he goes into blog withdrawal. The Floyd County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s mess, which we thought the Supreme Court settled 10 days ago, is heating up again because Gordon Hannett is a sore loser and I have a backlog of print orders at the studio.

As Amy is prone to ask: Just when does this retirement and relaxation thing kick in?

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