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Remembering my cow encounter seven years ago

Seven years ago today saw warmer than normal weather for November, so I packed my cameras in a bag secured to the luggage rack of my Harley Davidson Super Glide and rode up to Riverheads High School South of Staunton for the first round of state football playoffs for the Floyd County Buffaloes. On the

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A needed road trip…or two

Spent most of Friday on a leisurely motorcycle ride around Southwestern Virginia with fellow rider and friend Nick Piazza.  Over breakfast at Blue Ridge Cafe that morning, he suggested a run down the Parkway.  We did, to Blue Ridge Music Center near the North Carolina line with a stop at Mabry Mill (kidney relief stop

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A fellow rider & friend recovers

Good friend and fellow rider Greg Locke laid his sports bike down Wednesday afternoon on Shooting Creek Road in Franklin County. He landed on his right knee and scraped his left leg when he hit the pavement.  After treatment as the hospital in Rocky Mount, his wife took him to the Veterans Medical Center in

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Happily on the road again

Gorgeous day Sunday.  Temperatures in the 60s and a nice amount of sunlight brought climbing on the bike (motorized one, of course) for an afternoon ridge. Headed Southwest on U.S. 221 into Floyd, then right on Virginia Rte. 8 to head south down Woolwine Mountain.  Route 40 beckoned and I hit the twists and turns

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Kicking off the new year with a great ride

Kicked off 2019 Tuesday by participating in the annual Happy Hangover motorcycle ride with the Roanoke Valley Harley Owners Group and it was a good, exhilarating trip. The ride began after breakfast at the iHOP in Salem. We headed up Route 322 through New Castle to Paint Bank, then into West Virginia along Potts Creek

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Rolling Thunder heads for its final ride in 2019

Learned Wednesday that Rolling Thunder, the Memorial Day motorcycle ride to Washington and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, makes it’s last run in 2019. Matt Danielson of The Motorcycle Law Group said “the 32nd Annual Rolling Thunder Ride to DC will be the last.” Danielson quotes Pete Zaleski, vice president of Rolling Thunder, Inc., as

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Walk this way

At last count, I had produced nearly 400 videos that appear on Vimeo, a service that deals with more serious videographers than YouTube. Not to undercut YouTube.  It started online availability of videos, many of them shot by those with Smartphones and seldom edited.  I used YouTube for some of my video projects, but Vimeo

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Dangerous games between drivers, creatures

While heading down to Roanoke Thursday morning for some medical tests, I braked my Harley Super Glide when five deer came out from behind a house on U.S. 221 just north of Little River and crossed the road. The rest of the ride down to the Star City brought no more animal distractions. On the

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Motorcycles, music and more for the weekend

Expect the roar of motorcycles to join the sounds of old time, bluegrass and even some rock in the area this weekend as Meadows of Dan becomes a key part of both the Blue Ridge High Pass Boogie and rally. All part of the growing list of weekend activities as Spring days arrive and good

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