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‘Your luck will run out one day’

  A regular reader of this website also follows my photography work for newspapers and one the web and my political columns on a national political website and, over coffee recently, asked “how do you do it?” “Do what?”  The question did raise some confusion. “All that you do.  You’re 70 years old.  Have you

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Enjoying roads often traveled

Put a little over 100 miles on my worn but still functioning Harley Super Glide Sunday, enjoying a pleasant afternoon before hard rains descend upon the area Monday and Tuesday. Headed South on Virginia Rte. 8 down Woolwine Mountain, then north on U.S. 58 up Lovers Leap, past Meadows of Dan and towards Hillsville before

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Road time on a decent day for a ride

Had one of our motorcycles out Saturday for a while, taking Amy’s Can-Am for a tour of Floyd County roads while running some errands. Thankfully, a front trunk of that hybrid three-wheeler holds a large bag of cat food, a couple of two-liter jugs of soda and foodstuffs without any problem. Approaching rain followed as

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If you feel the need for speed

Lamborghini unveiled its new SUV this week, joining other “supercar” manufacturers in the race to claim who has the fasted one on the road. Even Jeep has joined the race with a 6.4 liter 700+ horsepower Hemi powerplant that closes in 190 miles-per-hour top speed and a price of over $90,000. Still that cheaper than

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A Sunday afternoon ride for a good cause

  Worked as a road captain Sunday for the annual Marine Corps Toys for Tots motorcycle fundraising event that drew more than 800 motorcycles and riders and raised more than $10,000 for needy children in The Roanoke Valley. After a cool, brisk ride through Floyd County and down Bent Mountain to meet up with other

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A steak to remember the Cow Encounter

A 20-ounce porterhouse bit the dust Thursday night at Longhorn Steakhouse at Valley View in Roanoke. Amy polished off a filet Mignon and lobster tail as we celebrated The Great Cow Encounter of 2015. Yes, it has been five years since my Harley Davidson — along with my head, right shoulder and leg — slammed

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A weekend to remember our Vets

This is the weekend to remember those served our nation in military services and put their lives on the line. Saturday is Veterans Day.  Remember to thank those who served. Floyd’s Veterans Day Parade is set for Sunday afternoon in town.  Please be there and show your support. Floyd County High School’s football Buffaloes enter

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The road awaits for exploring

With by 2012 Harley Davidson Switchback in the shop awaiting final determinations on the extent of its damage from hitting a dog and going down three weeks ago, I have gone back to my 2009 Dyna Super Glide for two-wheeled transportation, along with Amy’s three-wheeled Can-Am RS-S Spyder. The Super Glide’s odometer reads more than

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Fog of fall

Third straight morning of heavy, dense fog. Heavy fog greeted us early Friday morning on a trip down to Roanoke for pulmonary tests for Amy. Although the weather forecast for that day did not call for rain, the thick fog kept the windshield wipers on our Mini busy for the ride down to Carilion on

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Turning point after another crash?

Retirement once was the goal of many Americans.  Now so much now. As people live longer and the cost to stay alive goes up, nearly one in five Americans now work well beyond their retirement years. “I’m, going to work until I die, if I can, because I need the money, Richard Dever, 74, told Washington

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