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On the road of less pain

Had a meeting in Roanoke late Tuesday afternoon and the weather forecast kept changing so I took a chance and rode one of my Harleys down with the hope of not getting soaked in one of the forecast “occasional thunderstorms.” For a change, Mother Nature was on my side and there was clear sailing to

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‘No particular place to go’

Fired up my Harley Davidson Switchback early Sunday and hit the road at 7 a.m. to ride down Virginia Rte. 8 from Floyd down Woolwine Mountain to U.S. 57 for the hop over to Bassett and then U.S. 220 past Martinsville to Ridgeway to meet members of the Roanoke Valley Harley Owners Group (RVHOG) for

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Time to hit the open roads: Let’s ride

Assuming forecasts from the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg might be anything close to accurate — and that is always a big assumption — we could be in for a dry and mostly sunny week. A local pollen alert posted Monday, a sure sign of dryness, after the thunderstorms that struck the area moved

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Politics does not ride on my road

As a motorcyclist, I understand the diversity of those who love two-wheeled enthusiasm on the open road. Oops, let’s not forget those on three-wheels.  My wife has a Can Am and I admit enjoy taking it out once in a while. While I don’t share some of the extreme views that appear to dominate some

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One day at a time

A time existed when I would climb on a motorcycle in any kind of weather, at any temperatures, and ride off into the hills and dales day and night. That was then, this is now. Enough of the cliches.  The thermometer on the back porch reads 19 degrees.  Thanks to still air, there isn’t a

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Don’t mind. Don’t matter

Some 40 years ago, in 1976, I was a bachelor enjoying the “swinging 70s,” which meant I had an active, and fun, social life.One of the ladies I dated in those days wanted to celebrate her birthday “in style,” so we went to fancy dinner at a private club in St. Louis, with a fair

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Merry Christmas on the open road

If I am fortunate this weekend, the rain will let up by Sunday and with temperatures slated for the 70s, I will be enjoying Christmas on one of my Harleys. I get asked more and more if I should still be riding at age 68.  Why not?  I have a riding friend down on the

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Day tripping

The thermometer rose to near record-highs Friday throughout the area Friday, topping 80 in Roanoke, hitting 79 in Blackburg and hardly seeming like November in Southwestern Virginia. In my case it meant abandoning working on any of a long list of projects and, instead, climbing on the Harley and heading out to cruise the roads

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We ride to honor those we lose

Began the weekend Friday with a motorcycle ride from Pilot to Jacksonville Cemetery to remember and honor Bobby and Pam Clark of Floyd County.  They died in a tragic accident coming home from a church service in Henry County on August 21. Finished the weekend Sunday with a ride down to Roanoke for a Roanoke

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Out for a Sunday ride

Sunday, weather permitting, is a day for motorcycle mania. Rains from Saturday night streaked the roads early Sunday morning as I backed my Harley Davidson Switchback out of the garage shortly after 7 a.m.  After a busy Spring and Summer of assignments, the Second Sunday of August beckoned for a a stretch of wandering asphalt

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