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It’s not being black or white or any color. It’s about America

A lot of attention will, and should, be focused on racism in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. It should, and must, be something that all thinking Americans should have on their minds when they vote. We have a president who spouts white supremacist rhetoric constantly, who tells native-born Americans to go “back to where they

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Hard work…and that’s no bull

Bull riding returned to the Floyd County Fair this year with two riders scoring points and most others hitting the dust. Several events in rodeo are dangerous but riding bulls is the most fearsome to life and limb of the rider and most exciting to watch for attendees of rodeos. The three photos here are

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Riding in a fog is never a good idea

Rode my Harley-Davidson Dyna down to Roanoke and back Thursday to meet with doctors about upcoming surgical procedures in two weeks. Great weather for the ride and I took the long way home on the Parkway coming back. Had another appointment at Carilion Riverside Friday and the weather forecast predicted “isolated thundershowers” about 1 p.m. 

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Friday the 13th: ‘Tis the day to be folly

Today is Friday, the 13th. It is also a full moon. Writes Sean Hutchinson on Mental Floss: The truth is that no one is absolutely sure where the idea that Friday the 13th is unlucky originated. Donald Dossey, the founder of the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, suspects the fear

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Be prepared? I doubt Boy Scouts are.

Were you a Boy Scout?  I was, back in the  1950s.  I served as an Explorer Scoutmaster in Illinois in the 1970s. Now, if I had a son or daughter at an age to be a Scout, I probably would not let him near a Scout troop, a Scout adult leader or a Scout camp.

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A horrible day that changed America

Eighteen years ago, I had just left my car parked near the State Department building in downtown Washington, DC, when my Blackberry vibrated with an two-work, urgent message. “EXPLOSION! PENTAGON!!” the message read. I ran back to my Wrangler, dropped my cameras in the passenger seat and headed towards 14th Street, NW,to drive over the

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A dog’s life can be a lot of fun

Floyd’s Warren Lineberry Park is a haven for dogs, even during the musical events.  They play with their owners and find the park a nice place to play and have a good time. The Americana Music Festival provided a good place for the pets who came with their owns to see and hear the music.

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By the light of a silvery moon

The sky was not fully dark when I left downtown Floyd Saturday after a full day of shooting assignments for paper but I saw one last shot — a partial but bright moon over South Locust Street. A nice way to end a full day of shooting photos — my profession, my hobby and my

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Post sunset on a Thursday night

As a photographer, I should be ashamed that I seldom use the camera that is always attached to my belt — my iPhone. It’s a good camera with decent resolution and usable color definition. I had just finished packing up my “professional” cameras in their padded bag Thursday night after shooting volleyball game photos for

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