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Late this morning? Blame it on DST

Wonder how many people missed church this morning, a brunch date or another scheduled event because they went to bed Saturday night without moving their clocks ahead one hour for daylight savings time (DST). DST has become so routine that its arrival wasn’t mentioned a lot by news organizations or discussed on social media. It

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Southwestern Virginian tested for coronavirus

Virginia health officials confirm that someone in Southwestern Virginia is among two residents of the Commonwealth undergoing tested for the coronavirus. Both, thankfully, came back negative. The department is not releasing more details about exactly where in Southwestern Virginia. Since Jan. 21, nine Virginia residents have come “under investigation” for the deadly disease that originated

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Jury trials used to be rare in Floyd but…

In a county where a jury trial used to come around every few years or so, Floyd County Circuit Court heads into a two-day one on this Monday morning to consider the case of Sandro Bermuba Gaston, an illegal Mexican alien facing multiple charges, including possession of a gun, drug possession with the intent fo

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Remembering the Boys of Summer

In 1972, I interviewed sportswriter Roger Kahn after he signed copies of his book, The Boys of Summer at a B. Dalton, Bookseller store at Northwest Plaza shopping mall near St. Louis. Over coffee at the restaurant in his hotel near Lambert Field, he talked about covering The Brooklyn Dodgers and the heyday of major

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Super Bowl halftime show: Some didn’t like it. Too bad

Saw a few protests from local Facebook users about the halftime show of Sunday’s Super Bowl, saying it was a display of sexual exploitation that played out in front of our children. Since I had better things to do Sunday than watch either the Super Bowl or the halftime show, I had to dig up

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