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Veterans: Thank you for your service

Each year, it seems, we have fewer and fewer veterans to honor for their service. Some have died from old age, others from lingering injuries or illnesses caused by their service to their country. Too many commit suicide.

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Immigrants now a driving force in Virginia

While drinking coffee at The Floyd Country Store this week, a couple of days after the Tuesday elections that put Democrats in solid control of Virginia’s government, a couple sitting in the booth behind me were not happy with the results. “Did you see a Muslim won a state senate seat in Henrico County? What

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Remembering my cow encounter seven years ago

Seven years ago today saw warmer than normal weather for November, so I packed my cameras in a bag secured to the luggage rack of my Harley Davidson Super Glide and rode up to Riverheads High School South of Staunton for the first round of state football playoffs for the Floyd County Buffaloes. On the

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Today’s vote could change Virginia’s General Assembly

The votes by Virginians this Tuesday are being watched by political analysts and pundits around the country. The local elections of 2019 can decide control of the state government or it can signal that problems of Gov. Ralph Northam and his fellow Democrats have suffered one scandal too many. If control the General Assembly in

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Messing with time: Should we even try?

Find yourself running early this morning? If so, it probably meant you didn’t set your clocks and watches back an hour before going to bed Saturday night. Daylight Savings Time ended at 0200 (2 a.m.) Sunday, which means we finally recaptured the hour we lost in the Spring when we moved the same clocks and

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A stormy Halloween kicks off a busy weekend

Spooks, goblins and more for a Halloween weekend that begins Thursday and continues through this weekend as October fades into the night and November arrives Friday with sunny weather and a high in the 40s after the storms of Thursday. At least one Halloween celebration (Citizens Telephone) has decided to move spook night from Thursday

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Younger Americans doubt Christianity

“Pompous right-wing political chest-thumping, and an unwillingness to listen on matters like climate change or racism, has contributed to a perception by millions that Christianity is irrelevant, or worse yet, a threat to progress.”

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