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Day Trip

A fog-shrouded moon hangs low over the trees as I turn the Jeep Liberty onto Sandy Flats Road at 3:15 a.m. Fog here means more fog on Bent Mountain. Figures. Darkness and fog to start a four-and-a-half hour drive to Washington.

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Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Seems like one person or the other has been telling me that all my life — mothers, wives, doctors, bosses, etc.

But to paraphrase Woody Allen, life is like a shark. Sharks breathe by moving constantly through water. Stop moving and you die. Same with life. Stop moving, stop thinking, stop challenging and you stop living. The joints may ache, the muscles may scream and the mind may claim overload but stop and listen to the complaints of the body and you lose momentum.

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Hitting the Wall

Had a busy schedule set for Saturday, ending the day taping the “Hard Times for the Big Easy” benefit in Floyd. But the schedule, and I, collapsed in an inglorious heap the second I stepped outside for my morning walk.

My right knee went numb during Friday night’s football game. Twice while kneeling I had trouble getting back up and it buckled a couple more times while running to keep up with the action. On Saturday morning, it gave up, sending my coffee cup flying and me into a painful lump on the cold, wet grass.

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Tonight’s football game at Floyd County High School is also homecoming — the first homecoming I’ve attended since gradudating from FCHS in 1965. Although my purpose there is to photograph the event for The Floyd Press, I expect to spend some time visiting with old friends, including some I haven’t seen for 40 years.

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High School Sports

090805volleyball.jpgThe girls’ volleyball season is off to a roaring start in Southwestern Virginia and the Lady Buffs of Floyd County High School rack up some impressive stats. The junior varsity team is 3-0 after a heart-stopping game Wednesday night. The varsity’s record is not as perfect but they are winning some of their games while the varsity football team is off to a dismal 0-2 start.

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Fog hung low over our home this morning. I looked out the front window to see one of our resident deer having breakfast on our front lawn. Probably a good thing I didn’t mow it Tuesday afternoon.

In normal times I would have picked up a camera and fired off a few shots of the breakfasting doe. But these are not normal times and my enthusiam for shooting pretty pictures of life in the mountains is, at the very least, tempered.

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If It Walks Like a Duck and Quacks Like A…

I’m no expert in waterfowl but this bird, spotted at a pond near the Carroll County Gun Show and Flea Market over the weekend, seems like a mixture of different breeds — part duck, part goose and part turkey. Of course, it could be something entirely normal. Anybody out there know?

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Sunday Afternoon Musings

litlegirl.jpgSpent the day Sunday with Amy and some friends from Fort Chiswell. After breakfast, headed for the Carroll County Gun Show and Flea Market (Amy’s second trip for the weekend, my first).

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Emotions, Images and Delayed Projects

Lots of things to occupy a mind on this Sunday morning. Rescuers finally arrived in New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast but the delay in response must be addressed and must not be allowed to happen again.

The images on newscasts disturb even a cynical newspaperman. How could this be allowed to happen in the richest, most powerful, country in the world? Why did the government response agencies tasked with rapid action sit on their hands for nearly a week?

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