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Happy Birthday Amerca

We have celebrated America’s Independence Day in many places, including the National Mall in Washington during our 23 years living and working in the nation’s capital. We’ve witnessed, photographed and filmed fireworks shows in Manhattan, Washington, St. Louis, Los Angeles, the Mountains of New Mexico, at home here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

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Our Stars & Stripes flies upside down on this 4th

Bruce L. Patchen of Seattle, Washington, served in the Army for more than 20 years. He was a proud veteran who served his country. Pride, however, is not what he feels about America today. He wrote in the Seattle Times: I was a medic in Vietnam who held brave, dying soldiers on the battlefield. I

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A cancer that gets under your skin

Genetics, we are told, provides much of that we might or might not face in health issues during our lives.  If our parents or grandparents suffered cancer-related issues, for example, we might face the same fate, particularly later in life. My father died in an industrial accident at age 29, which I was nine months

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Gas pains? It gets worse on July 1

Better top off the gas tanks on all of your vehicles this weekend because prices go up 7.6 cents a gallon at midnight Sunday to “help pay for improvements” under a state funding program along the Interstate 81 corridor. That gas that costs 2.39.9 cents a gallon for regular will cost at least 2.47.5 cents

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Public action or inaction on issues?

Lots of anger flowed into my email inbox and out of a discussion group on Facebook this past weekend over what some claimed was the “banning” of abortions in Floyd County by the Board of Supervisors. Emails spurred by the debate on social media this past weekend demanded to know why I “hid the fact”

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Suicide: Final solution? Let’s hope not

Friday was a depressing, tense day after learning that an old friend from my political operative days killed himself.  He left Washington a bitter man and quit the Republican party over its descent into right-wing zealotry and the election of our current president. Suicides are on the increase in America.  In 2016, suicide among veterans

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Broken water main dries up Floyd

A broken water main left many homes and businesses dry in the town of Floyd Tuesday as “we’re closed” signs appeared on doors and windows of restaurants, banks and other establishments Tuesday. I drove through the traffic backup on North Main Street on the way to covering court Tuesday morning but emerged from a long

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Classic cars, motorcycles and more

More than 80 entries turned out for sponsors suspect could be the largest Ruritan Club car show at Check Elementary School in the event’s history on a beautiful, sunny day. Lots to see, good BBQ and other food and a host of door prizes for the day.

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