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Too much hate, too much anger

Alan Graf, who started writing a column on current issues for The Floyd Press this year, found himself victim a target of those who don’t like those who express opinions that might differ from theirs. Graf is not a fly-by-night writer of letters to the editor or random poster of tirades on social media.  He’s

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Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In a daily newspaper city room in the 1960s, the noise of teletype machines provided a background clatter interrupted by clanging bells when a major news event hit the wire services. Those clangs began on the Associated Press machines in the cubicle of The Roanoke Times and World News newsroom on the third floor of

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New Year and shutting down

Department store closings, a big part of changes in buying by consumers, hit stores where Amy and I used to shop. Embattled retailer Macy’s took over the retail chain where Amy worked as a buyer in the 1990s in the Washington, DC, area, and is closing their Landmark Mall store in Alexandria and the anchor

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At least the coffee is still good

As I watched my first pot of coffee drop into the pot from our trusty (and now considered ancient) Bunn coffee maker at 0530 this morning, I started thinking  back about 50 years — a half century ago — to a time when a young man who just turned 19 sat in an old Victorian

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Rain, then freezing rain and possibly snow

A brief respite from the arctic freeze that gripped the area over the weekend with temperatures into the 40s Monday and a high of 45 forecast for Tuesday in Floyd and a little bit higher down the mountain in Roanoke and the New River Valley. Rain Tuesday is expected to give way to a partly

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Questions, relief over firing of school boss

The five-year tenure as school superintendent for Kevin Harris came to a sudden end Wednesday night at the hands in a 4-1 vote by the Floyd County School Board and appears to be welcomed by many in a community that long-ago tired of his hair-trigger temper that led to public and private outbursts with teachers,

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Fast, low and loud

We hear them before we see them, if we even see them at all — the low flying military aircraft that use the Blue Ridge Mountains for aerial training and practice for combat in places like Afghanistan and other far away places.

This shot of a jet zooming over Floyd County just north of the town late one morning was only one of three shots I was able to capture and it was shot not with a long telephoto but with a 24-70 zoom lens set at 70mm.

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Annarelli jailed after shooting police officer

Floyd County Sheriff’s Department investigator Rusty Stanley became the latest American police officer shot in the line of duty Saturday night when he helped deputies answer a domestic violence call.

Officers found David Joseph Annarelli, 41, armed with a shotgun on the back porch of a house in the 2500 block of Ridgeview Road just outside the town of Floyd.

According to the Virginia State Police, Stanley was off duty when the call came in around 8:30 p.m. Saturday but went to the scene to provide backup. Shortly after he arrived, Annarelli opened fire with the shotgun, wounding Stanley in the abdomen and leg.

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Good, good & more good at the Fair

Good weather, good times and good gathering of folks at the 2016 Floyd Livestock and Fair, which included bull riding on Friday night, games, exhibits and more on Saturday and closed out with a concert that evening. More photos and information in Thursday’s Floyd Press.

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Online and dangerous

A sordid tale about online illicit sexual activity and the alarming potential for more unfolded in Circuit Court this week when a Harrisonburg man admitted his guilt in a soliciting a 16-year-old Floyd County High School student  into posing nude, masturbating and more in front on an web-based camera that streamed her actions over the

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