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Just Google ‘big donation’

Eric Schmidt, son of an economics professor at Tech, grew up in Blacksburg. He didn’t go to Tech though, choosing to study engineering at Princeton and then get a masters and doctorate from the University of California.

After a stint at Sun Microsystems, Schmidt became chairman and chief executive officer at Google, the Internet search engine giant.

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Webb takes Virginia

Looks like Jim Webb took the Senate race in Virginia, providing the final nail in the coffin of what was once Republican control of Congress. The Democrats now have two years to prove they can handle the job. Given the level of voter anger we saw on Tuesday night, they had better deliver.

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Long, long night

Up, for the most part, all night and we still don’t know who won the Senate race here in Virginia.

Webb is ahead but a margin of under 10,000 votes with 2.6 million votes cast means an almost certain recount — probably a repeat of last year’s attorney general race when it took weeks to learn the eventual winner.

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One time too many

The University of Virginia first year law student and blogger who sees disruption of George Allen campaign stops as his mission in life found himself handcuffed and led out of a gathering in Weyers Cave.

Reports the Associated Press:

A liberal blogger who was manhandled by supporters of Sen. George Allen this week was handcuffed by authorities and escorted from another rally Saturday after an Allen backer claimed the man pushed him to the ground.

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The season ends

The season is over for the girls’ volleyball team of Floyd County High School. It ended at the hands of Auburn in the regional semifinals at Glenvar Middle School Wedneday night.

The Lady Buffs went down 3-0 in the best of five series. They fought hard but were clearly overmatched by the girls from Auburn.

For several of the girls on the team, basketball will be thier next shot at state glory. The girls team that went to the State semifinals last year is back, intact, and hoping for another ride into the playoffs.

Should be fun to watch.

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Works for us

The Roanoke Times Sunday endorsed Democratic challenger Jim Webb in his quest to unseat Republican incumbent George Allen.

Said The Times in its editorial:

In Iraq and at home, America is on the wrong course, one mapped by the Bush administration and followed — in lockstep, eyes forward, no questions asked — by incumbent Republican Sen. George Allen.

Voters would be wise to select a better representative.

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Challenges for the Appalachian Trail

Sunday’s Roanoke Times features a distubring story about the challenges facing the Appalachian Trail, talking about encroaching civilization, pollution and other threats.

Writes John Cramer:

The Appalachian Trail runs beside the properties of the Cochrans and Wingates in the Catawba Valley, making the fabled footpath a part of their lives.

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Sorry about that, Stuart

The Roanoke Times, which likes to write about places like Floyd and Stuart as though they are foreign locales worthy of tourist attention, matched the two small Southwestern Virginia towns head-to-head in Saturday’s “Extra” section.

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