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Warm, great day in late November

One does not normally expect to be walking around in downtown Floyd on November 27 wearing a short sleeve shirt but that was the weather on Friday. The temperature topped 65 degrees in the afternoon, the sky was blue and the sun shone down brightly and, more importantly, warmly. So the Harley Switchback came out

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A full moon and Happy Thanksgiving

A bright Autumn full moon arrived along with Thanksgiving this year, giving us a glow from the heavens to help us appreciate what we have and thank others for what they do. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Blue Ridge Muse…well the two of us…and our thanks for being part of the incredible life

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The Blue Eyed Betty’s

They are called “The Blue Eyed Betty’s” and their song list is eclectic and entertaining. The Betty’s — Ben Meckel on guitar, Sarah Hund on fiddle and Daniel Emond on banjo — returned to The Floyd Country Store’s Americana Afternoon Saturday with their mix of traditional, pop, country and original compositions on a daily mix

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Brings people together

Floyd is a diverse area and that diversity is most visible in the music heritage that dominates the county and Southwestern Virginia.

I shot this photo on Locust Street on a Friday night in Floyd in 2007. It still is one of my favorites because it shows young and old and those of different lifestyles playing together.

The music brings people together.

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Spring moon

Even when it’s not full, the moon in the sky is something to see. Caught this while photographing soccer at Floyd County High School on Monday night. Photographed hand-held on a Canon EOS-1D X with a 300mm Canon f/2.8 lens.

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Autumn Moon

The November full moon that appeared over the football field at Floyd County High School last Friday night. Photographed during the game on a Canon EOS-1 D-X with a 300mm f/2.8 lens and a 1.4 x telephoto adapter, which creates a 420 mm telephoto. The moon was so bright I was able to capture a

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Jamboree’s dancing mix

The mix of dancers at The Friday Night Jamboree are an eclectic group that crosses generational and ethnic lines. That mixture increases in the fall when newcomers from area universities and other places discover the event and mix in with the regulars who come each and every Friday night. These two images were from September

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The love of music

Music is an integral part of life in Southwestern Virginia and that life extends far beyond any particular kind of musical offering. I’ve been trying to capture that life for a decade now in print, photos and video and each attempt brings more insight and understanding of the role that love of music brings to

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Jammin’ on a Friday night

Yes, the Friday Night Jamboree next door in the Country Store is the “name” event on Friday nights and the music on the streets is an attention getter once the weather warms up and the rain stay away, the the crew of regulars who gather at the Floyd Barber Shop on Friday evenings provide a

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