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The Blue Eyed Betty’s

They are called “The Blue Eyed Betty’s” and their song list is eclectic and entertaining. The Betty’s — Ben Meckel on guitar, Sarah Hund on

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Brings people together

Floyd is a diverse area and that diversity is most visible in the music heritage that dominates the county and Southwestern Virginia.

I shot this photo on Locust Street on a Friday night in Floyd in 2007. It still is one of my favorites because it shows young and old and those of different lifestyles playing together.

The music brings people together.

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Spring moon

Even when it’s not full, the moon in the sky is something to see. Caught this while photographing soccer at Floyd County High School on

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Autumn Moon

The November full moon that appeared over the football field at Floyd County High School last Friday night. Photographed during the game on a Canon

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Jamboree’s dancing mix

The mix of dancers at The Friday Night Jamboree are an eclectic group that crosses generational and ethnic lines. That mixture increases in the fall

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The love of music

Music is an integral part of life in Southwestern Virginia and that life extends far beyond any particular kind of musical offering. I’ve been trying

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