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What defines one as ‘an American’

As a newspaperman, I view most attempts to “redefine America” through skeptical eyes.  Every such attempt appears to be based on hidden agendas driven by a lust for power. As a mostly-white American with some Native American mixed into the DNA, I see myself as a product of mixed environments: Born in Tampa, Fla.,I spent

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More blackface revelations, sexual assault details rock Richmond

Double whammy on the Richmond scandal carnival Wednesday. Virginia’s Democratic Attorney General, Mark Herring, admitted he dress up in blackface in college to sing a rap song with his buddies and the woman who says Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax sexually assaulted her went public in graphic detail about a blow job that she says he

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Is the end near for Ralph Northam’s governorship?

Most of those who monitor the state government happenings in Richmond and around the Old Dominion bet Gov. Ralph Northam will step down today, giving in to the multitude of calls for his resignation in the aftermath of his decision to cover his face with dark shoe polish in 1984 to participate in a Halloween

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Past is present & sins don’t fade away

Embattled Virginia governor Ralph Northam’s last chance of surviving his use of blackface for entertainment in 1984 collapsed Saturday evening when Virginia’s two Democratic Senators told him to resign. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine each called Northam after he claimed a damning yearbook photo from his medical school years wasn’t of him. In the same

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Racism controversy swamps Gov. Northam

Lots of valid questions need answers on why Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam may or my not appeared in blackface or in a Ku Klu Klan robe in 1984, smiling and holding a beer. “There are more old drunks than old doctors in this world so I think I’ll have another beer,” reads the caption

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Generating hate and violence

On Saturday of this past weekend, music fans braved threats and realities of rain to hear the best of old-time and bluegrass tunes as the Old Times Fiddler’s Convention wrapped up a little over 40 miles from Floyd. About 160 miles from Floyd, three people died during a violent demonstration of hate and racism in

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A good time on Little River

The kids came Saturday to Little River along Thunderstruck Saturday for the 9th Annual Kids Fishing Day, sponsored by The Floyd County Sheriff’s Department and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. The trophy for the largest fish went for the catch of a 3.8 pounder but that one was not the only three-plus

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