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09/11/01: One day that changed America forever

September 11, 2001: A clear, crisp fall day in Washington, DC, and New York. I was shooting a routine photo assignment in the District when my Blackberry went off. “Explosion a the Pentagon” the message read. I walked out on the street and looked towards Virginia. Smoke snaked into the air from the direction of

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Once again, we’re none of the above

Seems like every time a piece about a politician is posted on this web site, someone pops off and claims that an article that criticizes (INSERT NAME HERE) is proof that we support the other side. If we point out deficiencies of a lackluster Congressman like Morgan Griffith, it sparks an email or comment that

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The Klan’s favorite ex-congressman is running for President

Virgil Goode, one of the more embarrassing political bigots spawned by a commonwealth that excels in producing racists for public office, walked the streets of Floyd Wednesday, trying to con registered voters into signing his petition for President. Goode, a Rocky Mount attorney, embarrassed the Virginia for 12 years in Congress, compiling a record of

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Ron Paul won Floyd County but little else in Virginia’s GOP primary

Maverick Libertarian Ron Paul carried Floyd County, along with four other adjoining counties in the Republican Presidential Primary Tuesday, edging former Massachusetts Govenor Mitt Romney 260 – 208. For a county dominated by Republicans in local offices, Floyd’s GOP faithful — for the most part — stayed home on primary day.  A turnout of 468

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Public hearing draws 47 speakers

The crowd for the public hearing on a proposed ordinance to ban ridge line development in Floyd County didn’t overflow the high school auditorium. About a hundred showed up for the two-and-a-half long hearing where 47 speakers supported the ordinance, opposed it, voiced concern over property rights or — in one case — threatened to

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Sulzen new school board chairman

David Sulzen is the new chairman of the Floyd County School Board, replacing Doug Phillips, who ended an 18-year-reign over the county’s educational system. Phillips, who remains on the school board, nominated Sulzen as his replacement. The board also elected Clay Link as vice chair. Phillips leaves the chairmanship after a year of controversy that

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Know your county government

With two new members and a new chairman and vice chairman, the Floyd County Board of Supervisors has a new look this year. Here’s a short video with the new and old faces of the board and various elected and appointed officials. Missing are the new treasurer Missy Keith and Commissioner of Revenue Lisa Baker

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Status quo rules in Floyd County elections

In the end, an election that some felt would restructure Floyd County’s school board and redefine county government turned into an endorsement of the status quo. Every incumbent on the general election ballot Tuesday won, including three sitting members of the school board and county sheriff Shannon Zeman, who trounced challenger Laura Sparks — a

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When politics overwhelms friendships, we all lose

Lunch last week with two friends who approach life from opposite ends of the political spectrum:  Fred First, Floyd County’s “first blogger” and Jim Connor, a relatively-recent addition to the area’s population of bloggers and diverse characters. Fred — for the most part — is an unabashed liberal, an ardent environmentalist with a passion for

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