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When a candidate comes to your door, ask some tough questions

Don’t get many political candidates at our door.  Maybe it’s the sign in the driveway that says “we shoot every third politician and the second one just left.”  With luck, they know better than to waste their time or ours. But a lot of Floyd County residents will find wannabes for office at their door

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Calling all Democrats. Hello, any Democrats out there?

Seen any Democrats around here lately?  You know, the party of the donkey…or jackass, depending on your point of view. With the ballot set for the upcoming local and state election you will not find a single Democrat running for any office in Floyd County. No one. Not one. Nada. Back in the 1960s my

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Ingram’s loss not that surprising

Longtime Floyd County Board of Supervisors Chairman David Ingram’s loss to political newcomer Lauren Yoder in the Saturday GOP canvass surprised few. It’s a bad year for incumbents and the furor over tax hikes a few months ago signaled trouble for anyone who supported the hikes. The local tea party hasn’t taken credit for Yoder’s

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Politics, partisans and stereotyping

A member of the local tea party got in my face during a break at the monthly board of supervisors meeting Tuesday and claimed I was “biased” and “not a real conservative.” Well, he was half-right. I’m not a conservative. I’m not a liberal. I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a Republican. I’m an American

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Boucher will be missed

Mason Adams at The Roanoke Times has a good profile of outgoing Congressman Rick Boucher who is leaving Congress after 28 years representing the “Fighting Ninth” of Southwestern Virginia. Writes Adams: For 28 years, U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher divided his time between the mountains of Southwest Virginia and the ornate buildings on Capitol Hill. By

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Voter anger sends Boucher a pink slip

The networks called the 9th District Congressional race early Tuesday. Republican Morgan Griffith, the carpetbagger from Salem, ousted Democrat Rick Boucher from the Congressional seat he has held for 28 years. In a campaign fueled by voter anger, outside money and 800 grand in spending by the National Republican Congressional Committee, Griffith handily defeated a

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Tea party endorsement of Griffith a meaningless act by a sham group

The Floyd tea party — such as it is — endorsed Morgan Griffith for Congress last week. Yeah, sure. They weren’t going to endorse Boucher. He’s a Democrat and far too moderate for the right-wing extremists of the tea party “movement.”  Jeremiah Heaton? No way. Heaton makes Sharron Angle look well versed on the issues.

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Odds favor another term for Boucher

Many Congressional incumbents around the country are in trouble. At the moment, veteran 9th District Congressman Rick Boucher does not appear to be one of them. A new poll shows Democrat Boucher leading Republican challenger Morgan Griffith by 13 points — 52-39 percent. An incumbent with more than 50 percent re-elect is not usually considered

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Tea Party running out of steam

Just call the Tea Party the CB Radio of this year’s political circus, a fad that is fading fast, a crackpot idea whose time never was and now is disappearing faster than Sarah Palin’s credibility. Three Tea Party candidates went down in flames in the Virginia primaries Tuesday, beaten to a pulp by established candidates.

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Oh oh, the rabid right is angry with Bob McDonnell

The rabid right wing of the Republican party saw Bob McDonnell’s election as a road to the past, restoring the shameful and restrictive policies of the Old South to the Old Dominion. Now they’re not so sure. “He clearly cannot be trusted,” Joe Glover, a Republican activist who lives near Lynchburg and heads the Family

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