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More on Commonwealth’s Attorney Candidates

Two of the three candidates running for the GOP nomination for Commonwealth’s Attorney in the Blue Ridge Mountain Community of Floyd, Virginia, answer more questions from a candidate’s forum on May 7. The GOP Canvass that will decide the nominee and almost certain winner in the general election in November is scheduled for May 16th from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the county’s normal polling places.

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Commonwealth’s Attorney candidate issues

Two of the three candidates for the Republican nomination for Commonwealth’s Attorney in Floyd County discuss issues and answer questions posed by the audience at a forum sponsored by the Tea Party at Jesse Peterman library recently.

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Sheriff’s candidate Brian Craig

Republican Floyd County Sheriff’s candidate Brian Craig took time from a busy day of campaigning last Friday to sit down among the hustle and bustle of The Floyd Country Store to talk about his background and why he wants to replace the retiring Shannon Zeman in the job.

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An apology from a former political operative

I had to turn my back on a couple of long-time acquaintances and walk away from them this week. An attempt to talk reasonably about politics (in one case) or religion (in the other) turned into shouting matches filled with cliches, stereotyping and anger. Others tell me that such things happen more and more often

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Ed Gillespie concedes defeat in Senate race

Virginia Republican Senate challenger Ed Gillespie conceded defeat to Democratic incumbent Mark Warner Friday after the latest vote totals showed a margin of more than 16,000 votes. The vote margin put Warner’s victory close to the one percent mark and while that would have allowed Gillespie the right to request a recount, any margin of

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