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GOP Sheriff Zeman supports Mark Warner

Floyd County Sheriff Shannon Zeman, a Republican, is featured on a new campaign ad supporting Democrat Mark Warner’s re-election effort, saying the Republican, Ed Gillespie, is not a worthy opponent. “Mark Warner is working to solve problems,” Zeman says in his appearance in the ad.  “Ed Gillespie and his attacks are the problem.” Zeman is

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Virginians to Bob McDonnell: Go to jail, go directly to jail

A common mantra of politicians is something along the line of “let the people decide.” The claim, of course, is false.  Politicians, as a rule, don’t give a damn about what “the people” think and realize that most people feel the same way about the politicians. For convicted felon Bob McDonnell, former governor of Virginia,

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Buying Gov. McAuliffe’s support

Want support from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe?  Start by writing check. That’s how energy companies are getting the Democratic governor’s support for pipelines they want snaking through the Old Dominion. McAuliffe announced his “endorsement” of Dominion’s latest pipeline endeavor after enough money flowed in over the transom and he is now also on board for

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McAuliffe: Another governor for sale

Looks like the current governor of Virginia, just like the one he followed, is for sale to the highest bidder. While former governor Bob McDonald waits to see how long he and his estranged wife will serve in prison for getting big bucks from former Star Scientific CEO, current governor Terry McAuliffe is selling out

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Sarah Palin and the sad, inane fanatics who follow her

The rabid following of failed Alaska governor and one-time vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is a mystery to anyone with an IQ above that of an average plant, but a recent letter to the editor of the Roanoke Times by Jon R. Harris of Roanoke illustrates the the outright inanity of some who genuflect at

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Little old-fasioned Karma coming down?

My Page One story in today’s Floyd Press tells of a a consistent overcharging of customers of Floyd’s Pizza Inn Restaurant, owned and operated by county board of supervisors chairman Case Clinger. Pizza Inn has been charging customers 10.3 percent sales tax on purchases for at least a year — almost double what was really

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Morrissey charged with sex with teen girl

Democratic Virginia Del. Joe Morrissey, a controversial legislator and lawyer in the Old Dominion, now faces charges that he had sex with a minor at least twice in his law office, possesses pornographic images of an underage female and solicited others to obtain even more such images. Indictments handed down by a special grand jury

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Mark Warner: Governor then, Senator now

Mark Warner was still governor of Virginia when he came to Floyd in 2005 to hold a town meeting at The Floyd Country Store. The three county supervisors on the front row in the photo — Jerry Boothe, Kerry Whitlock and David Ingram — no longer serve on the board.  Boothe quit on his own. 

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More ethical questions for the McDonnells

Looks like former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, already facing prosecution for selling favors during his scandal-scarred term in office, is facing even more problems. Now prosecutors say McDonnell and his former Washington Redskins cheerleader wife accepted a $23,000 fancy trip to Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South Carolina with University of Virginia Board of Visitors

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McAuliffe will sign budget deal but veto Medicare amendment

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe today said he will sign the new two-year fiscal budget approved by the General Assembly late last week but will veto an amendment that seeks to stop him from implementing any expansion of the Medicaid program to take advantage of Obamacare. McAuliffe also announced he is scrapping a legislative Medicaid “reform”

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