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Will Terry McAulifee veto the state budget?

The Virginia General Assembly, now completely under Republican control, late Thursday passed a budget for the new fiscal year that begins July 1 but that budget is not yet law. Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, unhappy with amendments that put a halt to his plans to expand Mediciad through options under Obamacare, could veto the entire

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Cantor goes down in self-induced flames

The standard political spin out of House Minority Leader Eric Cantor’s loss in Tuesday’s Virginia GOP primary declares the election’s stunning result a tea party win. In reality, neither the tea party or primary winner Dave Brat beat the number two Republican in the House of Representatives.  Cantor beat himself.  The arrogant, ego-driven Congressman from

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McAuliffe: Major disappointment to Dems?

Ask a Virginia Democrat for a public comment about Governor Terry McAuliffe and you get the standard political rhetoric about what “a great job he is doing,” Talk to them privately and a different picture emerges.  The celebration over McAuliffe’s victory last November is over and an increasing number of Democrats admit, off the record,

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Turn out the lights. The tea party is over

Voters Tuesday sent a strong message to the once-formidable tea party:  We don’t like you and we don’t want you representing us in Congress. Tea party candidates lost big in Senate primaries in Kentucky and Georgia as GOP voters rallied behind “establishment” party candidates who  stand a better chance of running strong against Democratic candidates

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McAuliffe bypassing General Assembly?

Looks like Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is looking for ways to tell the Republican-controlled General Assembly to go screw itself while bypassing the legislature to implement his controversial Medicaid expansion plan that has brought state government to a virtual halt. McAuliffe has fellow Democrat and Attorney General Mark Herring researching whether or not he

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What did McAuliffe know?

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, catching hell from both Republicans and Democrats for the blatant “access for cash” fundraising effort by his new political action committee aimed at high-dollar donors, is now claiming he knew nothing about a recent email sent out by the committee selling access at various levels of contributions up to 100 grand. “They put out a piece of paper I had never seen or approved,” McAuliffe told radio listeners on WRVA radio Thursday when asked about the solicitations by his Common Good Virginia PAC. That solicitation sold a private dinner with the governor and his wife, plus…

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Love ’till debt does us part?

If one reads between the lines of the latest mountain of motions filed by the legal defense team for former and disgraced Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, it seems the best way for the governor to get off is to reveal just what his former pro football cheerleader wife was doing to him rather than getting

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McAuliffe sells ‘special access’ to big donors

Access to new Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe is for sale and he doesn’t come cheap. The governor’s Political Action Committee is pitching “insider access” which includes a private dinner with he and his wife, participate in roundtable discussions with Virginia’s top politician and meet once a month with the Old Dominion’s “policy experts.” While it

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Candidate credit check

As more and more details emerge about the acceptance of gifts, loans and more by former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen during their fours years in Executive Mansion in Richmond, a picture of a chief executive up to his butt in debts and scrambling to pay bills emerges. McDonnell and his wife

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Will a new governor bring real change to Virginia?

Virginia inaugurated a new governor over the weekend, a Democrat after four years of Republican leadership by the scandal-scarred Bob McDonnell. Democrats now occupy the top three positions in Virginia:  Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General.  Four years of hysteria from now deposed Republican attorney general Ken Cuccinelli are over. As a political agnostic and

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