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Music on a wet Friday Night

Amid the predictions of doom and gloom that surrounded Floyd County and Southwestern Virginia this weekend, life went on nonetheless for standards like The Friday Night Jamboree in downtown Floyd.

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Luke, Abby & Laurel

The duo of Luke & Abby added a third member last weekend to their appearance at Americana Afternoon: Violist Laurel Brooke who used to play for Scott Perry’s Three Shades of Blue.

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Keeping the music on the streets of Floyd

The musicians who provide the Friday night free street show in Floyd are working with the town to try and work out a way to provide the music and a safe place for the fans to watch, dance and enjoy themselves. They are moving their performances to safer areas along Locust Street, including Lineberry Park

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More Cajun music and dancing

An expanded look at the night Cajun music and wild, abandoned dancing that accompanied it came to The Floyd Country Store with The Revelers of Southwest Louisiana.

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Windfall was known as Brother Wind when I first filmed them together on the Floyd Country Courthouse lawn during one of the early “Spring Into Summer” events about a decade ago.

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Independence Day

Images of the Fourth of July as recognized and celebrated in America. Includes photographs from a half-century of work as a photojournalist and a recent decade as a cinematographer.

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