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‘Disgust’ and ‘disappointment’

Most Floyd County Supervisors claim they hear lots of support from constituents over their hardline stand against increasing funding of the school system and determination to hold the line on taxes to pay for increases. But the majority of speakers that come before both the Supervisors and the county school board say otherwise. Twelve of

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Vox populi: Board of Supervisors – March 13, 2012

Frank Rudisill of Indian Valley speaks about wind turbines, a proposed task force to study the issue and prayer at meetings of the Floyd County Board of Supervisors at the March 13, 2012, of the board. Rudisill was the only speaker during the board’s public comment period — a drop from recent meetings when several

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The people speak: Public hearing on ridge line development, part 6

Sixth in a series of videos of the comments by speakers at the public hearing on a proposed ordinance to limit ridge line development in Floyd County. Related articles Public hearing draws 47 speakers ( The people speak: Ridge line development, part 1 ( ‘I’ll bust your nose’ ( No wind turbine farms in Floyd

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The people speak: Ridge line development, part 2

Second in a series featuring the full, unedited, comments of speakers at the public hearing on a proposed new county ordinance banning development of structures that tower 40 feet or more above a ridge line in Floyd County. Another installment will be posted later today.

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