Day: October 7, 2004

Hard Times indeed

Dinner last night at Hard Times Cafe as our final week of packing continues and D (for Departure) Day approaches.

Hard Times is a local success story. It started as a chili parlor in Alexandria just about the time we came to Washington 23 years ago. A simple restaurant that served two kinds of chili (Texas and Cincinnatti) and onion rings. Now they’re a chain of restaurants and the menu has grown to include not only the two original chilis but veggie, Terlingua Red, hamburgers, salads, deserts and even a dinner menu.

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Web of intrique

I registered my first web domain in 1994 and have registered perhaps 100 more since then. In fact, I’m not sure exactly how many domain names I own or how many may have expired because I simply forgot I owned them and never got around to using them.

One of the oldest is, a takeoff on DC Comics and the web site that once served as an umbrella for a number of other web sites, including Capitol Hill Blue, DC DarkSide and Flat-Out-Till-You-See-God-Then-Brake, a site dedicated to driving fast — real fast.

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