Day: October 12, 2004

Oh well…

More delays in the great condo sale adventure. Amy is down with some sort of 24-hour bug and I’ve got to make a day run from Arlington to Floyd County to pick up mail and take care of other business.

Our Realtor has been more than patient with us on this but we both just want to get the packing finished and get the hell out of dodge.

This makes the second house we’ve packed up and moved this year (the first was Amy’s mother’s house in Illinois in January and February). It always takes longer than expected and leaves us both exhausted.

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Long gone…

101204blueridgemorning.jpgWhat, our friends in the Washington area ask us, motivated us to leave our home of 23 years for the more rural environs of Southwestern Virginia?

That question comes up a lot as we finish up the packing of our seemingly endless amount of personal belongings and move them into a storage unit as we ready our condo for sale in Arlington.

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Top of the morning…

101104duck.jpgEarly morning on the Potomac River near Ronald Reagan National Airport across from Washington. The rising sun sends a shaft of light over a duck swimming against the current.

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