Day: October 21, 2004


Why, a friend wanted to know, “are you creating yet another blog?”

Why indeed. Part of it was surprise at finding out the domain name “” was still available. Part was finding a title that lets me write and display photographs about the Blue Ridge.

But the main reason is that I’m a glutton for punishment.

So why not?

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102104meg.jpgPacking and moving takes longer when you uncover a memory. You sit back and think about memories triggered by a photo, postcard and items that you may have bought at some place visited in the past.

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The end nears…

“D,” as in “Departure” day gets closer, although as we look around at the piles of stuff that still occupy the condo we realize much remains to be done.

Amazing is the amount of junk two people can manage to accumulate over 23 years. Amazing too is the reluctance to throw out things that should be discarded. So when the future of some artifact is in question, we pack it away in a box and move it to storage, putting off that inevitable day when we will — in fact — throw it away.

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