Day: October 30, 2004


103004oddfellas.jpgWhen you tell friends you plan to bag the city and live full time in the country you run into a lot of head shaking and incorrect impressions.

“You won’t like it,” is often heard.

Wrong. I grew up in the country. I already like it. Amy grew up in the city but now loves country life.

“No places to eat.”

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Finally, some sleep

We crashed Friday afternoon. Crashed hard. After accepting the contract for sale of our condo Amy and I hit the sack…and slept…and slept…and slept some more.

A long six weeks getting this place cleaned out and sold. Although it was only on the market for four days the time leading up to getting it there was long, hard and tiring. You just can’t dispose of 23 years of living in a short amount of time.

We still have some things to do but the worst part is behing us. And, for the first time in weeks, we both got some rest.

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Coming home

103004bell.jpgWith the sale of our home in Arlington scheduled to close on November 29, we turn our attention now to a new home in the Blue Ridge.

Do we build something new on the 105 acres we own at the Floyd-Carroll County line or do we buy an existing home from the many excellent choices that are on the market now?

Good questions. Do we spend the next six-to-eight months building exactly what we want or do with go the more immediate route of buying and rennovating to get what we we want?

Thanks to an out-of-control real estate market in Northern Virginia, we have the flexibility to make such a decision.

We will leave town on November 29 with enough financial security to make the decision that best serves our needs. But we’ve already made the most important decision, the one to call the mountains home once agin.

Ring the bell mama. We’re coming home.

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