Day: November 10, 2004

Oh the pain of it all…

After six weeks of packing and moving, Amy and I spend most mornings soaking in a hot shower and rubbing each other down with Ben Gay. I doubt either of us has a muscle that doesn’t ache.

No matter how much you work out, moving finds muscles that aren’t in shape and applies a sadistic amount of pain. Add to that skinned knuckes, bruises from bumping into things and too many items dropped on too many feet and toes and we greet each day with aches, pains, moans and gripes.

Instead of “good morning,” the first greeting of the morning is “damn that hurts.”

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Plentiful and starving

111004deer.jpgA hungry doe looks for food at Great Meadow along Shenandoah National Park.

Deer populations throughout the Blue Ridge continue to increase dramatically as the starving animals venture closer and closer to civilization in search of food. State police agencies report dozens of deer killed by cars and trucks every day and, in some cases, collisions with the animals injure drivers and passengers in the vehicles.

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Fingers crossed

Made an offer on a house today. A fair offer, we think, and one we hope the current owners will agree is good.

Buying an existing home is a change from our longtime plans to build a new one on 105 acres we own in Carroll County but a number of factors led us to the decision to buy instead of build. Above all, real estate remains a good investment and we both fell in love with a house near Floyd.

Now comes the hard part. Waiting to see if the owners accept our offer. With luck, we will have a contract and close early next month.

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